Security tips: Online Banking, Phone Banking and ATMs.

How can you protect yourself in any electronic medium?


  1. Memorize your Username and Password, and do not tell them to other people.
  2. Do not write your password down in places which may compromise its safety.
  3. Check within Online Banking that the last entry corresponds to one done by you.
  4. If someone is watching, do not use the computer.
  5. Make sure to enter our secure web site by directly writing in the address bar of your Internet navigator. Make sure that the security certificate is valid, and that it belongs to Credicorp Bank.
  6. When you enter a secure site, the URL address is HTTPS (“S” means secure) and you can also see a small illustrated padlock, indicating that you are in fact protected.
  7. Do not chose as password your date of birth, your car’s license plate number, the name of pets or family members, or any information which may be obtained by legal documents kept in your purse or wallet. Use a password that contains at least 8 characters and is alpha-numerical (composed of lower / upper case letters and numbers), which is not similar to other passwords you use.
  8. Change your password if you consider that it has been compromised.
  9. Whenever you finish your banking transactions, select “Close Session” or “Exit” and close the navigator window which you used.
  10. Do not carry out banking transactions in public places such as Internet Cafes or the like.
  11. Keep updated your Operating System, the Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware and the firewall in the computer that you use to connect to Online Banking.
  12. Verify with frequency the balance in your accounts to make sure that the activity corresponds to your records.


What should you do in case of suspecting a possible fraud?

If you think that you may have exposed your access password to our Online Banking, we suggest that you contact us immediately through our Customer Relationship Center at 800-7555 or 210-8255 or [email protected] in order to proceed with the respective containment processes.