Credicorp Bank e offers its clients to affiliate their business, providing an alternative of secure payment and thus increase their sales, generating higher profits. All this through our high technology points of sale and 24/7 telephone service.

We have chip certification for national and international Visa & mastercard.


  • Transactions with the most important brands in the market: you can make transactions with VISA, mastercard and KEY cards.
  • Fixed or wireless sales points with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Reporting where customers can see their daily transactions

Requirements (Legal Person / Natural Person):

  • Credicorp Bank Checking Account (meet the requirements for checking account)
  • Copy of identity card or passport of the Legal Representative or Representative
  • Notice of operations
  • Water receipt, light or telephone
  • Complete the Membership Application
  • Signing of point of sale services contract (VISA, MC)

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