It is a cyber crime activity which usually occurs when a user’s computer is infected by a malware program called “Trojan or virus”, which diverts you from a banking site to a fraudulent one in order to steal sensitive information and commit fraud.

How does it happen?

  • By downloading images and programs associated to a fraudulent email, opening attached files or electronic links from a doubtful source.
  • When you download pictures, videos, free programs, games, or songs from unknown sources on the internet.


  • Do not select links, nor download programs or files attached to emails or while navigating on the internet without verifying that they are legitimate or trustworthy.
  • Keep Firewalls installed and always updated, as well as anti-virus programs which will protect you from cybernetic attacks.


What should you do in case of suspecting a possible fraud?
If you think that you may have exposed your access password to our Online Banking, we suggest that you contact us immediately through our Customer Relationship Center at 800-7555 or 210-8255 or [email protected] in order to proceed with the respective containment processes.